4MLinux 32.0 Arrives with Linux 5.4 LTS and LibreOffice 6.4

4MLinux 32.0

Zbigniew Konojacki announced the general availability of 4MLinux 32.0, a new major release of this independent GNU/Linux distribution.

Coming about three months after version 31.0, the 4MLinux 32.0 release is here to add better support for Intel graphics cards by coming preinstalled with the Mesa 19.3.0 graphics stack with VDPAU emulation.

This release also updates the PCManFM file manager to create video thumbnails using FFmpeg and PS/PDF thumbnails using ImageMagick, and implements AV1 video decoding support via FFmpeg with the dav1d library.

Several new apps have been added in 4MLinux 32.0, including the SciTE source code editor, GNU nano text editor, and mg (formerly MicroGnuEmacs) text editor. Also, it looks like users can now download the Vim editor with the gVim graphical user interface as an extension.

Of course, numerous apps have been updated to their latest versions. Among these, there’s the LibreOffice office suite, GIMP 2.10.18 image editor, Mozilla Firefox 73.0.1 web browser, AbiWord 3.0.4 word processor, and Mozilla Thunderbird 68.5.0 email and news client.

Also installed are the VLC 3.0.8 media player, Audacious 3.10.1 music player, mpv 0.30.0 video player, Gnumeric 1.12.46 spreadsheet editor, Chromium ‬79.0.3945.130 web browser, Dropbox ‬91.4.548 file sharing client, and Wine 5.2 for running Windows apps and games.

Under the hood, 4MLinux 32.0 is powered by long-term supported Linux 5.4.17 kernel. This release is accompanied by 4MLinux LAMP Server, which ships with Apache 2.4.41, MariaDB 10.4.12, Perl 5.30.1, PHP 5.6.40 and 7.3.14, as well as Python 2.7.17 and 3.7.5.

You can download both 4MLinux 32.0 and 4MServer 32.0 using the links below. Being a major release, it is highly recommended to upgrade to this new version as soon as possible.

Last updated 4 years ago

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