9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: March 6th, 2022

Roundup March 6th 2022

The seventy-five installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on March 6th, 2022, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things happening in the Linux world. If you missed last week’s 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup, you can check it out here.

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Thank you everyone for yet another great week. Thank you for sharing, retweeting, and liking our articles, thank you for sending tips and suggestions (don’t worry, we review them all), and last but not least thank you for supporting us and for all your awesome comments.

This has been a great week with lots of exciting news, starting with the Armbian 22.02 release that finally introduced support for Raspberry Pi 4 devices and Nitrux 2.0.1 which switches to Mesa 22.1 by default, and continuing with great app releases like the Getting Things GNOME 0.6 personal tasks and to-do lists app, digiKam 7.6 photo management app, a new KDE Gear 21.12 point release, and a first LibreOffice 7.3 point release that fixes a critical bug in Calc.

On top of that, Linux gamers would be happy to learn about how SteamOS 3.0 works on the Steam Deck and to download the SteamOS 3.0 recovery image, while DXVK 1.10 brings better support for their favorite games.

Lastly, Linux Mint fans can now take the beta version of Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 for a test drive and learn about some of the new features coming in Linux Mint 21. I also present you with two new apps for your GNU/Linux desktop, namely Login Manager Settings and System Monitoring Center.

You can enjoy this and much more in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for March 6th, 2022, below!

Hot news of the week

Linux distributions released this week

Linux apps, drivers, desktops, and kernels released this week

Coming up next week

  • New KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS point release
  • Mozilla Firefox 98
  • Tails 4.28
  • Linux kernel 5.17
  • …and hopefully many other exciting Linux news and releases!

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