Anonymous OS Septor Linux 2021 Released with KDE Plasma 5.20.4, Tor Browser 10.0.7

Septor Linux 2021

Debian-based Septor Linux distribution has been updated today to version 2021, a release that brings up to date core components and applications.

Similar to Tails, Septor Linux aims to provide users with a secure computing environment for surfing the Internet anonymously. Like Tails, it’s based on Debian GNU/Linux and relies on the Tor technologies for anonymous communications, but it is built around the KDE Plasma desktop environment instead of GNOME.

The Septor Linux 2021 release is here as the first update of the anonymous distribution in 2021 and it ships with the latest KDE Plasma 5.20.4 desktop environment and KDE Applications 20.12 software suite, as well as the Tor Browser 10.0.7 anonymous web browser, which is based on Mozilla Firefox 78.6 ESR, and Linux kernel 5.9.

Unfortunately, Linux kernel 5.9 reached end of life in mid-December 2020, so it will no longer receive security updates, unless the Debian Project or Septor Linux keeps maintaining it by backporting changes from the newer Linux kernel 5.10 LTS series.

Besides shipping with Tor Browser, the Septor Linux 2021 release also includes OnionShare for anonymous file sharing, qTox for anonymous instant messaging, as well as the Mozilla Thunderbird, HexChat and QuiteRSS apps, which are pre-configured to automatically connect to the Internet via the Tor anonymous network.

Besides that, you’ll also find the LibreOffice office suite, GIMP image editor, Synaptic package manager, DEBiTool DEB package installer, Gufw firewall, VLC media player, VokoscreenNG screen casting tool, Eqonomize personal accounting software, zuluCrypt block device encryption software, and Sweeper history and temporary file cleaner.

You can download Septor Linux 2021 right now using the direct download link below or via the official website. The distribution runs live directly from a USB flash drive (using “live” as password for the live user), but it can also be installed locally using the Debian Installer.

Septor Linux 2021

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