Anonymous OS Tails 5.9 Ships with Linux Kernel 6.0 to Improve GPU Support

Also includes the latest Tor Browser and Tor client, as well as Debian 11's security updates.
Tails 5.9

Tails 5.9 amnesic incognito live system has been released today as a bugfix update to the previous version, Tails 5.8, which apparently contained many issues that affected users.

The devs managed to solve most of the issues reported by users from the Tails 5.8 release, including support for some graphics cards, such as Intel UHD 750, by upgrading the kernel to Linux 6.0.12. These graphics issues occurred due to Tails 5.8 switching to Wayland by default and using Linux kernel 5.10 LTS.

Also fixed in Tails 5.9 is launching of AppImage binaries that use the Qt toolkit, such as Bitcoin-Qt and Feather, clipboard encryption and decryption in the Kleopatra OpenPGP client, as well as the display of the applications menu with some GTK3 apps installed using the Additional Software feature.

The Persistent Storage was improved as well, more specifically its activation and the wording of the backup utility. Also, the KeePassXC password manager received fixes for three clipboard operations, including copying of a passphrase to unlock a database, automatically clearing passwords from the clipboard after 10 seconds, and using the auto-type feature.

Other changes in Tails 5.9 include localizing Tor Browser‘s homepage when it is started from the Tor Connection assistant, which now has a simplified error screen when connecting automatically, as well as the removal of the confirmation dialog when starting the Unsafe Browser.

This release ships with the latest Tor Browser 102.7 anonymous web browser based on Mozilla Firefox 102.7 ESR and Tor The system is based and synced with the Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” repositories.

You can download Tails 5.9 right now from the official website, where you’ll find a USB image for writing on a flash drive or a traditional ISO image for use on optical media or virtual machines. The next release, Tails 5.10, is planned for February 21st, 2023.

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