Arch Linux-Based EndeavourOS Celebrates First Anniversary with New ISO Release, ARM Port


Arch Linux-based EndeavourOS distribution celebrates first anniversary since the launch of the project with a new ISO release and news about upcoming ARM port.

Born from the ashes of the Antergos Linux distribution, EndeavourOS celebrates today its first anniversary since the first stable release. During the past year, EndeavourOS managed not only to give former Antergos users a new home, but also to promote Arch Linux to newcomers.

“We’ve reached a memorable milestone, today it is one year ago that we made our fantastic debut in the Linux universe and boy, what a year it has been,” said project leader Bryan Poerwoatmodjo in an announcement.

And what better way to celebrate its first anniversary than with a new release. The EndeavourOS July ISO snapshot is now available for download packed with the latest updates from upstream Arch Linux repositories and some interesting changes.

First, the new ISO release ships with a slightly revamped Welcome app that’s more light and user-friendly Some new features are also present, such as the ability to clean up package configuration and the paccache history of installed packages, thus preventing the root partition from getting filled up with unneeded packages.

Second, the Welcome app now gives you access to a tool called AKM, which stands for Arch Kernel Management. The tool needs to be installed first, and will let users easily install multiple Linux kernel versions, including their headers, from the Arch Linux repository, as well as to inform them about the stable or testing kernels available.

Last but not least, the Welcome app gained a new tool called Personal Commands, which targets advanced users who want to create a shortcut in the Welcome app for various scripts. Then, users will be able to share their customized script and button with the community.

On this occasion, the EndeavourOS team also announced the upcoming ARM port for their GNU/Linux distribution. Based on the Arch Linux ARM script, the EndeavourOS ARM edition will work on every ARM device that’s supported by the Arch Linux ARM project.

In addition, it can be used to create a headless server or an ARM-based NAS. Supported desktop environments for the EndeavourOS ARM edition include GNOME, KDE Plasma, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt, Budgie, as well as the i3 window manager.

The development team achieved best results when running EndeavourOS ARM on the Odroid N2 and Odroid XU4 single-board computers, but I bet it will work amazing with the new Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM or PINE64’s Pinebook Linux laptop.

The EndeavourOS ARM port is due in the coming weeks. Until then, you can download the new ISO release, EndeavourOS 2020.07.15, from the official website.

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