Arch Linux Installer Gets Initial Swapfile Prototype, Updated Sway Profile, and More

archinstall 2.5.4 release adds a parted sector unit and the ability to save encryption configuration.
Arch Linux Installer

Archinstall 2.5.4 has been released today as a new maintenance update to the official Arch Linux text-mode installer that brings a couple of new features and various improvements.

Archinstall 2.5.4 is here to implement an initial swapfile prototype to enable the creation of a swapfile and hibernation, an updated profile for the Sway window manager to allow you to install it with polkit or seatd, as well as the ability to generate a -fallback variant of boot entries for systemd-boot.

This release also introduces the ability to save your entire encryption configuration, adds a sector unit for parted to make creating partitions easier, removes the archlinux-keyring package update since it’s been replaced by a service that populates keys, and adds support for using the pacstrap -K command to initialize a new pacman keyring.

Among other changes, the new Arch Linux Installer update improves the handling of .json() helper handling, renames keyboard-language to keyboard-layout and peak_output to peek_output, removes the i3-gaps configuration choice, and updates the packages in the Budgie profile.

A Georgian translation has been added as well in archinstall 2.5.4, which also uses setdefault for sys-language and sys-encoding, improves error handling of cmd_history, and changes the exit status indications to exit codes.

archinstall 2.5.4 is available for download right now from the project’s GitHub page or the official Arch Linux repositories, and it will be pre-installed by default in the upcoming Arch Linux ISO snapshot for April 2023 (2023.04.01).

The next planned version is archinstall 2.6.0, which promises to be a major release introducing a complete overhaul to the entire disk operation, as well as new dependencies.

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