First Arch Linux ISO Powered by Linux Kernel 5.5 Is Here

Arch Linux March 2020

The Arch Linux March 2020 ISO snapshot has been released today for those who want to install the powerful and customizable GNU/Linux distribution.

Arch Linux 2020.03.01 is now available for download from the official website and it’s the first ISO release of the distribution to ship with the latest Linux 5.5 kernel series.

Linux kernel 5.5.6 is included by default in the installation image, along with all the software updates and security patches that have been released throughout the month of February 2020.

Released at the end of January 2020, the Linux 5.5 kernel series introduces full support for the latest Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer family, cross device offloaded copy for NFS clients, new Btrfs features, SMB multichannel support, and much more.

If you’ve wanted to install Arch Linux with the Linux 5.5 kernel before, you would have to update the kernel from the software repositories after the installation, but with the Arch Linux March 2020 ISO image that’s no longer the case.

I would like to remind everyone reading this that Arch Linux follows a rolling release model where you install once and receive updates forever. This means that if you’re running Arch Linux on your personal computer there’s no need to download this ISO snapshot.

The Arch Linux 2020.03.01 release is here only for those who want to reinstall or deploy the GNU/Linux distribution on new computer and don’t want to waste their time downloading hundreds of updates from the repos.

Everyone else should just update their Arch Linux installations by running the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator.

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