Ardour 6.8 Open-Source DAW Released with M4A Import Support, Many Improvements

Ardour 6.4

Ardour 6.8 has been released today with various new features, improvements, and lots of bug fixes for this free, powerful, open-source, and cross-platform DAW (digital audio workstation).

Ardour 6.8 comes about one a half months after Ardour 6.7 to introduce a bunch of much-needed new features to the already powerful digital audio workstation software. These include support for importing M4A audio files, a new configurable Remove Gaps track edit operation with adjustable threshold and leave parameters, as well as the ability to display low level metering of the DSP processing info in the Performance Meters window.

This release also adds a configurable Slip Contents shortcut binding in Preferences, a new Track > Playlist menu with actions to create new playlists for tracks, support for requesting specific CPU DMA latency values, two new operations for MIDI editing (extend-selection and invert-selection), and arbitrary tracing of MIDI data for MIDI Tracer windows.

In addition to these new features, Ardour 6.8 improves the ACE-Fluidsynth plugin with bypass control functionality, adds a MIDNAM file for Yamaha P-121/125 keyboards, improves the performance of the ProTools session import, adds support for renaming and dragging region and source cue markers, and revamps the input port monitoring to reduce DSP load.

Other improvements were made to setting real-time priority for critical threads, the CoreAudio device list, non-realtime exports, event loop integration for websocket support, automation control points, slip-contents drag, brush dragging’s behavior, splash window’s visibility management during startup, and undo and redo functions of ripple edits.

For Ubuntu users, Ardour 6.8 adds the ability to override the global Ubuntu menu behavior. Of course, various crashes and other critical issues were addressed to make Ardour more stable and reliable. For more details on these changes, you should check out the release notes, and don’t hesitate to download Ardour 6.8 for any audio project you are working on.

Image credits: Ardour/Paul Davis

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