Audacious 4.2 Adds Initial Support for Ogg FLAC Streams, Winamp UI Enhancements

Audacious 4.2

The Audacious open-source, cross-platform, and free advanced audio player has been updated to version 4.2, a major release that adds several exciting new features and many bug fixes.

Audacious 4.2 has been in development for almost one and a half years and comes as an update to last year’s Audacious 4.1 release adding new features like initial support for Ogg FLAC streams, as well as a built-in dark theme that uses Qt’s Fusion style and a new variant of the built-in fallback icons that are dark theme-friendly.

This release also enhances the Winamp interface in Qt mode with new “Search and Select” and “Jump to Song” dialogs, and improves importing of playlists based on filename by automatically setting the title of the imported playlist, along with the ability to preselect the filename of an imported playlist when it’s exported.

Other than that, Audacious 4.2 adds a formatter syntax to allow truncating title strings, improves some FluidSynth settings, improves support for MKV files to no longer get skipped when opening a folder, fixes several bugs in the Winamp interface, and adds support for the latest FFmpeg 5.0 multimedia framework.

A few crashes and hangs were addressed as well in this new release, and you can read the release notes for more details on them. Meanwhile, if you want to manually install Audacious 4.2 on your GNU/Linux distribution by compiling the sources, you can download the tarball from the official website.

If compiling software from sources is not your thing, you should be able to install the Audacious 4.2 release as a Flatpak app from Flathub or from your distro’s repositories in the coming days.

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