Audacity 2.4 Released with Multi-View Mode, Larger Time Toolbar, and New Effects

Audacity 2.4

Audacity 2.4 has arrived for any of your audio and music production and editing needs from this powerful, free, open-source and cross-platform audio editor software.

The development team has put a lot of time and work into this release, bringing you the ability to enlarge the “Time Toolbar” by undocking/splitting the recording/playing time toolbar from the bottom of the screen.

The team said that this change should be useful to people who record themselves playing a musical instrument as they usually sit further from the monitor, so the larger numerical display would benefit them.

Another interesting change introduced in Audacity 2.4 is an optional multi-view mode that lets you view both the spectrogram and waveform at the same time.

The multi-view mode can be enabled by clicking on the down-pointing triangle next to the track’s name, which is displayed in the panel on the left of the waveform.

Audacity 2.4 also brings a new “Loudness Normalization” and “Noise Gate” effects, support for importing and exporting settings for all effects, support for exporting audio to the Opus/OGG format, and support for the Spectrogram view to display clip boundaries.

Other features included in this release are scrubbing from the keyboard, the ability to simultaneously mute or unmute all the selected tracks, a new simple analyzer to measure the RMS (Root Mean Square) levels of a track, as well as a new “Spectral Delete” effect for the spectral editing effects.

The manual was updated as well, and the mechanism for toggling the pinned/unpinned position of the Play and Record head on the Timeline was changed to prevent users from accidentally turning on pinned head.

Lastly, the gestures for resizing and moving labels have been changed to be more accessible. You can download Audacity 2.4 right now from the official website or from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution in the coming days.

Update 18/05/20: The Audacity 2.4.0 release has been pulled due to a critical bug causing audio loss or corruption. If you already upgraded to version 2.4.0, make sure you don’t open two projects at the same time and paste audio from one project into the other.

Update 21/05/20: Audacity 2.4.1 is now available for download and includes a fix for the serious bug in Audacity 2.4.0. Download/upgrade now!

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