AV Linux MX-21 Multimedia Production Distro Is Here Based on MX Linux 21, Linux 5.15 LTS

AV Linux MX-21

The developers behind the multimedia production distro AV Linux announced today the release and general availability of a new major version derived from the latest MX Linux release, AV Linux MX-21.

Dubbed “Consciousness” and based on the MX Linux 21 AHS (Advanced Hardware Support) and Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” distributions, AV Linux MX-21 is here about eight months after the previous release with a new naming scheme to align with MX Linux releases and numerous other changes.

AV Linux MX-21 is built from scratch with the tools used to build the MX Linux distribution. It’s based on the AHS edition of MX Linux 21, which means that it ships with Linux kernel 5.15 LTS and a more recent Mesa graphics stack for better hardware support. But, due to this change, AV Linux no longer supports 32-bit systems.

The Liquorix kernel is used by default in this release, which is a high-performance kernel configured for streaming and ultra-low latency requirements for multimedia production.

“This new version has been completely built from the ground up and is the first version to not be a ‘Respin’ of an existing system and was built with the same tools that are used to build MX and antiX,” said the devs.

Talking about multimedia production, AV Linux MX-21 ships with new MX Multimedia packages to provide users with a lot of great tools for audio and video production, new Yabridge support for Windows VST plugins, along with a brand-new YADbridge graphical interface for Yabridge.

It also features expanded AVL-MXE Custom Plugins and Fonts packages, as well as a new utility called BPM Converter for converting beats per minute of any song. A new modular AV Linux Assistant tool is available as well in this release, based on YAD (Yet Another Dialog), and the User Manual has been vastly improved.

Since this release is based on MX Linux 21, it comes with the latest and greatest Xfce 4.16 desktop environment, which has been customized with new Suru++ and Papirus icon themes, new flat Diehard Xfce4/Openbox themes, a new first-run splash screen, new 4K wallpapers, and a new Gradient Wallpaper generator tool. On top of that, the GDebi Package installer was replaced with Thunar Custom Action.

Among other noteworthy changes, AV Linux MX-21 adds support for AppImage packages, but it discontinues support for the AV Linux RT Kernel repository and all the other repositories used in previous releases outside the MX Linux ones.

You can download AV Linux MX-21 right now from the official website. Existing AV Linux users will have to do a fresh install due to the move from Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” to Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye”. Meanwhile, you can see it in action in the video below!

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