BleachBit 4.0 Open-Source System Cleaner Adds Major Changes and Improvements

BleachBit 4.0

BleachBit, the open-source disk space cleaner, privacy manager, and computer system optimizer software has reached a major milestone, version 4.0, which brings many improvements and major changes.

One of the major changes of BleachBit 4.0 is support for Python 3 to ensure the application will work well on the latest releases of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu 19.10 or the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which dropped support for Python 2.

This release also brings dedicated packages for the Fedora Linux and openSUSE Tumbleweed distributions, making it easier to install the software on these popular GNU/Linux distributions. For Fedora Linux, is also enables cleaning of DNF autoremove.

Furthermore, BleachBit 4.0 enables cleaning of the VLC Media Player on older GNU/Linux distributions and implements support for reporting the cleaned space after cleaning APT autoremove, as well as pop-up notifications when cleaning is done.

Support for cleaning Discord files was added as well in this major release, which now cleans even more files for Mozilla Firefox (cookies and history), Google Chrome (IndexDB), and Opera web browsers, as well as the gPodder open-source media aggregator and podcast client.

Of course, the usual improvements are present as well to improve the responsiveness of the application window when cleaning files, allow cleaning of custom folders when overwrite open is enabled, and make the copy button work again in the diagnostics window.

Several bugs were fixed as well to make BleachBit more stable and reliable when cleaning and optimizing your system. You can download BleachBit 4.0 right now from the official website for your favorite GNU/Linux distribution or install it from the stable software repositories.

Last updated 4 years ago

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