Blender 3.4 3D Graphics Software Promises Native Wayland Support on Linux

Blender Wayland

The Blender Foundation announced that its popular Blender 3D graphics creation software will offer native Wayland support on Linux with the next major release, Blender 3.4.

It would appear that the Blender Foundation has been working on native Wayland support for its open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset, which artists widely use to create 3D-printed models, visual effects, motion graphics, animated films, interactive 3D apps, virtual reality, and, even video games.

Wayland is slowly but surely conquering our Linux desktops, and more and more desktop environments and GNU/Linux distributions are enabling it by default, so it’s obvious that software developers need to follow suit.

Initial support for Wayland in Blender landed back in 2020 as a build option, but not enabled by default due to lack of tablet support, NDOF (3D mouse) support, cursor warping, window frames, and HiDPI support.

With the upcoming Blender 3.4 release, Wayland will be officially supported and enabled by default thanks to the hard work of developer Campbell Barton, which reports that he has been using Wayland exclusively, fixing many of the issues mentioned above and investigating bugs reported by users.

“Long term, native Wayland support should give us the best user experience, allowing Blender to support features exposed by Wayland without being limited by the X11 compatibility layer,” said Campbell Barton.

Blender 3.4 is still in heavy development at the moment of writing and will probably see the light of day later this year. But if you can’t wait until then, you can try native Wayland support right now by using a recent build with the libdecor library installed on your GNU/Linux distribution.

To see if native Wayland is used, check for “Windowing Environment: WAYLAND” on the About dialog, which you can access from the Blender icon menu on the top left side. If you do test native Wayland support on Blender, please don’t hesitate to report bugs for any Wayland-specific issues you run into.

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