Budgie Desktop 10.5.3 Released with GNOME 40 Stack Support, Many Improvements

Budgie Desktop 10.5.3

Solus lead developer Joshua Strobl announced today the availability of the Budgie 10.5.3 desktop environment with support for the GNOME 40 stack.

Budgie Desktop users rejoice, a new version of your favorite desktop environment is here and it’s packed with lots of goodies, starting with support for the GNOME 40 stack, which makes Budgie compatible with GNOME 40 apps/components like the GDM (GNOME Display Manager) login screen or a dedicated screensaver.

Budgie Screensaver, a fork of gnome-screensaver, is now used as the default screensaver in the Budgie Desktop 10.5.3 release, not only allowing Budgie to co-exist in an installation environment alongside GNOME Shell and GDM components from the GNOME 40 stack, but also facilitate its ability to lock the session.

“As always, we encourage that Budgie be used with lightdm and an optional greeter such as slick-greeter, as opposed to being installed alongside GDM and GNOME Shell,” said Joshua Strobl.

Budgie Desktop 10.5.3 also includes several quaity-of-life improvements like the ability to filter out audacious notifications, configurable spacing in the Status applet, a new option in Budgie Desktop Settings’ Windows section to automatically pause notifications when switching a window to full-screen and vice versa for a distraction free Budgie Desktop experience, as well as a default wallpaper.

Moreover, Budgie Desktop now lets users toggle CapsLock and NumLock by clicking the Lock Keys applet, and no longer filters notifications about added or removed devices. It also hides the “Default” theme option (e.g. Adwaita) to encourage users to use officially supported themes like Materia and Plata.

This release also introduces numerous bug fixes to improve the panel applets, Raven notification center, and Budgie Desktop Settings, and other core components of the Budgie desktop environment. For more details on these changes, check out the release notes.

Budgie Desktop 10.5.3 is available for download as a source tarball from its GitHub page for system integrators, and it’s coming this Friday, April 30th, to Solus users, along with the GNOME 40 desktop environment and numerous other updates.

According to Joshua Strobl, most of the Budgie improvements mentioned here have already landed in Solus’ stable repository, so make sure you keep your installations up to date at all times.

Last updated 3 years ago

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