Canonical Chooses Google’s Flutter UI SDK to Build Future Ubuntu Apps

Flutter Ubuntu Apps

Canonical announced today that they choose to use Google’s Flutter UI framework for building future apps for the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

For those not in the known, Flutter is an open-source UI SDK (software development kit) created by Google to helps those who want to build quick and modern applications for a wide-range of operating systems, including Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows, Google Fuchsia, that work across desktop, mobile, and the Web.

A year ago, Canonical teamed up with Google to make the Flutter SDK available on Linux as Snap, the universal software deployment and package management system for Ubuntu `and other GNU/Linux distributions, allowing those interested in building beautiful apps on the Linux desktop.

Now, the company behind Ubuntu is writing another page of history by targeting Flutter as the default UI (user interface) framework for building their own Ubuntu apps, which will work across a wide-range of hardware and configurations.

Canonical already announced last month that they are re-writing their Ubuntu Installer for future Ubuntu releases in Flutter. This will allow Canonical to provide a consistent installer experience across the entire Ubuntu product portfolio.

Ken VanDine, Canonical’s engineering manager for Ubuntu Desktop talks during Google’s Flutter Engage special online event that took place on March 3rd, 2021, about Canonical’s contributions to Flutter, which you can watch below.

“We feel Flutter is up for the task, and choosing it for the installer is telling the world that choosing Flutter for Linux apps is a great choice,” said Ken VanDine. “Flutter is the default choice for future desktop and mobile apps created by Canonical.”

These new contributions include full multi-window support for desktop, and enabling support for popular Flutter plugins on Linux, including Firebase support, Bluetooth and network connectivity, desktop notifications, and more.

Furthermore, Canonical is also bringing Ubuntu’s unique Yaru style for apps to Flutter, encouraging app developers to bring their apps to the Linux desktop. Those of you interested in trying out Flutter for building apps for Ubuntu, can download the Flutter SDK from the Snap Store.

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