Canonical, Collabora, and Nextcloud Deliver Work From Home Solution to Raspberry Pi Users

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Canonical, Collabora, and Nextcloud have joined forces once again to port the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance with the Collabora Online office suite to Raspberry Pi devices.

Last year in August, Canonical, Collabora, and Nextcloud announced the availability of a Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance, which allowed users to easily set up their own private cloud server with all the collaboration tools the powerful Nextcloud software has to offer.

On top of that, it was possible to turn the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance into a self-hosted content collaboration and document editing solution by integrating the Collabora Online office suite into the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance.

At that time, the Ubuntu Appliance with Collabora Online and Nextcloud was only available on the Intel NUC device, but as of day it can also be installed on Raspberry Pi and enterprise ARM devices.

“This enables tens of thousands of Raspberry Pi users to turn their Pi 4 into a self-hosted content collaboration and document editing solution in minutes,” said Nextcloud. “With the growing availability of 64bit ARM devices in the enterprise server space, larger organizations are also set to benefit from the availability of this platform.”

Those of you who want to build a cheap, yet powerful home office with a Raspberry Pi device need only two USB 2.0 or 3.0 flash drives of 2GB minimum each, a Raspberry Pi 4, a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, a monitor with VGA or HDMI interface, a VGA or HDMI cable, USB keyboard and mouse, and an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS desktop image.

The best part of the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance is that it’s fully pre-configured and automatically updated in time so you won’t have to do any manual maintenance on it, which means that your work-from-home solution will be ready in minutes and with less effort. An in-depth tutorial is available here.

Last updated 3 years ago

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