Canonical Releases OpenStack Charms 20.02 with CephFS Support, More

OpenStack Charms 20.02

Canonical today announced the general availability of OpenStack Charms 20.02, a major release of the powerful tool for designing, building and managing OpenStack private clouds on Ubuntu.

OpenStack Charms 20.02 is an exciting release adding major new features and improvements over previous versions. The biggest change appears to be support for the Ceph file system as a new CephFS charms, which can be used as storage backed for Manila, the shared filesystems service for OpenStack.

While the Manila charm was available in previous releases through a generic plugin, it wasn’t ready for enterprise deployments. With the OpenStack Charms 20.02 release, users can now use both the CephFS and Manila charms in their enterprises.

“The CephFS backend for Manila brings the OpenStack shared filesystem service to the enterprise level. This comes through enabling tenants to benefit from all the best features provided by Ceph, such as high availability, fault tolerance, scalability and security,” said Canonical.

Among other features included in the OpenStack Charms 20.02 release, there’s the ability to apply Policy Overrides on Octavia charms and the OpenStack Dashboard, as well as the ability to disable instance snapshots as a boot source through a new disable-instance-snapshot configuration option in the OpenStack Dashboard.

Furthermore, it’s now possible to pause and resume the Vault service through charm actions, as well as to deploy global clusters using the Swift charms.

Also included are updated tech previews of charms for modelling OVN (Open Virtual Network), which provides open-source network virtualization for Open vSwitch, and deploying MySQL 8, either in an InnoDB cluster (mysql-innodb-cluster) or as a router (mysql-router), available right now in Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine).

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