Cawbird Twitter Client Gets Major Release with Many New Features and Improvements

Cawbird 1.4

Cawbird 1.4 open-source and free Twitter client has been released with many new features and improvements to enrich your social media presence.

Four months in development, Cawbird 1.4 is here to adds lots of features, such as support for various text sizes like Normal, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, better counting of ZWJ (Zero Width Joiner) Unicode character emoji, as well as support for deleting draft tweets when pressing the Cancel button via a new confirmation dialog.

Moreover, Cawbird 1.4 makes threaded tweets more obvious by introducing a new “Reply to” line for self-reply threads in the timeline, displays tweets on your timeline when you follow someone and hides them when you unfollow them, and adds the ability to temporarily show a blocked or muted Twitter account.

This release also introduces a new “Translate Content” option to tweets to allow you to translate tweets with Google, Bing, DeepL or a custom provider, improves spacing and alignment of images displayed in tweets and adds a border to define their edges, and adds a Scottish Gaelic translation.

Among some of the improvements that landed in Cawbird 1.4, there’s improved rendering lag when focusing and unfocusing the main window, which usually occurs when your CPU gets overloaded, reduced size of the info icon for the image description notification so that it doesn’t obscure the image too much, as well as replacement of the penguin emoji with a smily face icon grinning for emoji button in the compose dialog.

Various bugs were squashed as well in this release, making Cawbird able to handle links and Twitter video URLs that contain ampersands in them, better support the Flatpak universal binary format, repeat notifications due to message overlap so you don’t miss anything, and better crop tweets in timelines when using narrow windows.

For more details on all the changes implemented in Cawbird 1.4, you can check out the full changelog on the project’s GitHub page. You can install Cawbird 1.4 as a Flatpak app on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution right now from Flathub.

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