Cinnamon 5.4 Desktop Environment Released for Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa”

Cinnamon 5.4

The Cinnamon 5.4 desktop environment has been tagged today for release and distribution with the upcoming Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” operating system series, due out this summer based on Canonical’s Ubuntu 22.04 LTS “Jammy Jellyfish”.

Cinnamon 5.4 comes almost seven months after Cinnamon 5.2, which you’re currently using with your Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” installations, and it’s packed with a newer and more stable window manager and JavaScript interpreter rebased on a more modern version of GNOME’s Mutter window and composite manager, as well as the GJS JavaScript bindings for GNOME.

“In preparation for Linux Mint 21, we are updating Cinnamon’s Javascript interpreter and rebasing its window manager on a more modern version of Mutter,” said lead developer Clement Lefebvre. “This is a huge task and it requires many code changes in Cinnamon itself and causes a significant number of regressions.”

Highlights of the Cinnamon 5.4 desktop environment include resize popup for terminals, the ability to copy system info to clipboard, simplified hotcorner setup and support for corner barriers, updated fractional scale switch backend, improved Show Desktop applet, support for application actions (with icons) in the Menu applet, and a port of the xrandr applet to the Muffin API.

With this release, Cinnamon is now capable of adapting to logical monitors, where the primary monitor is not always 0. This release also disables some functionality from previous versions, such as some of the media keys as they are now handled internally by the Muffin window manager, as well as the ‘hover’ effect for the display module background.

Among other noteworthy changes implemented in Cinnamon 5.4, there’s better keyboard navigation for the Menu applet, support for the Calendar applet to display end time for single-day events, improved RTL (Right-to-Left) layout support for the Sound applet’s volume slider, as well as support for the photoframe desklet to not display hidden files or files located in hidden directories.

The Sound applet has also been updated to hide the microphone mute toggle when the microphone is not being used, and the Power applet now shows text and value when dragging the brightness slider. Moreover, the Window List applet now gives you the option to change the button width.

Numerous bugfixes are present as well to fix device duplicates in the Power applet, the implementation of the raise/lower desklet layer, the placement of the XApp Status Applet tooltip on vertical panels, various keybindings, documentation, and many other core components.

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