Claws Mail 4.1 Adds Text Zooming in the Message View, Many Other New Features

Claws Mail 4.1

Claws Mail 4.1 open-source, lightweight, fast, and highly configurable email client has been released today as a hefty update bringing several new features, lots of improvements, and many bug fixes.

Coming almost ten months after the major Claws Mail 4.0 release, which added OAuth2 support for IMAP, POP, and SMTP accounts using custom, user-generated client IDs, the Claws Mail 4.1 release is here to add more improvements to the storage implementation of OAuth2 refresh tokens.

New features in Claws Mail 4.1 include a new “Default From:” entry on folder properties’ Compose page to let users set up an email address that will override their account’s default email address, as well as a new “Skip folder when searching for unread or new messages” option on the folder properties’ General page to let users skip the respective folder when using Go To next or previous unread/new email.

Furthermore, this release implements text zooming in the Message View via CTRL+mouse wheel up/down, CRTL+touchpad two-fingered vertical swiping, or the Message View’s right-click menu. In addition, users can now open the currently selected message in the Message List using the Enter key when using the separate Message View.

Claws Mail 4.1 also adds a “By Sender” entry to Tools > Create filtering rule… and Tools > Create processing rule…, as well as support for adding a toolbar button to “Run folder processing rules”.

Also new is a “View all” button on the Themes preferences page to let you preview all icons of a theme, as well as a “Keyword Warner” plugin that shows users a warning when a reference to one or more user-defined keywords is found in the message text when sending or queueing an email.

Other noteworthy new features include new “Top” and “Bottom” buttons on the Actions configuration list, a new “Run processing rules before marking all messages in a folder as read or unread” option to Configuration > Preferences > Display > Summaries, and adds support for copying multiple selections from Tools > List URLs, along with support for indicating phishing URLs in red by default.

Of course, Claws Mail 4.1 also ships with many improvements to existing features. For example, it improves how tags are being handled by the app, automatically suggests suitable URIs found in the clipboard when adding a new RSSyl feed or subscribing to a Webcal, and makes the quicksearch type-ahead keypress delay customizable via the qs_press_timeout hidden preference.

Among other changes, Claws Mail 4.1 replaces the ‘master passphrase’ term in the app with ‘primary passphrase’, as well as the ‘SSL/TLS’ label with ‘TLS’, sets chmod 0600 on log files, history files, saved parts, etc. for better security so that only the user can read and write to these files, and updates the user manuals and translations.

Many bugs and issues were addressed in this update to the Claws Mail email client to further improve its overall stability and reliability. Check out the release notes for more details on that, and download the 4.1 release right now for your favorite GNU/Linux distribution from the official website.

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