Clonezilla Live 2.7.2 Disk Cloning Tool Released with Many New Features and Improvements

Clonezilla Live 2.7.2

Clonezilla Live 2.7.2 disk imaging and cloning live Linux system has been announced today by maintainer Steven Shiau as a new major release that brings many new features and improvements.

Based on the Debian Sid (Unstable) repository as of May 30th, 2021, the Clonezilla Live 2.7.2-38 release comes four months after Clonezilla Live 2.7.1 and it’s still powered by the long-term supported Linux 5.10 kernel series, which has been upgraded to version 5.10.40, and uses the latest systemd 248.3 as default init system.

Besides these underlying system upgrades, the new Clonezilla Live release brings several new features, such as a new “VGA with large font & To RAM” boot menu option using nomodeset as an alternative solution for those who want to use jfbterm in KMS mode using certain VGA cards.

It also adds the ocs-park-disks utility before rebooting or halting the system, a new --force option for vgcfgrestore to force metadata restore even with thin pool LVs, as well as a new echo_ocs_repository boot parameter to hide the prompt about mounting an image repository when set to “no”.

Moreover, this release implements a faster checksum method in ocs-sr, switches to use b2sum instead of md5sum for the chksum_cmd_for_files_in_dev variable in drbl-ocs.conf, adds the -scpt option to ocs-sr to force the choosing of a disk name in the saveparts mode while in Expert mode, and shortens the timeout_max option for the ocs-live-feed-img script to “60”.

To allow you to save and restore an entire disk that doesn’t contain any partition with the dd command, Clonezilla Live 2.7.2 comes with the --skip-save-part-table (-sspt) option for both the ocs-sr and drbl-ocs scripts. In addition, it adds the --skip-set-netboot-first (-ssnf) option to the dcs script for changing the efi_netboot_1st_in_nvram variable in drbl-ocs.conf.

Other than that, the new Clonezilla Live release comes with the jq package out of the box so you can slice, filter, map, and transform structured JSON data like you would do with the GNU sed utility, and disables the sleep and hibernate functionality for live system.

For more details about the new features, improvements, and bug fixes, check out the announcement page. Meanwhile you can download the Clonezilla Live 2.7.2-38 release for either 64-bit (amd64) or 32-bit (i686) systems right now from the official website or using the direct download links below.

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