Clonezilla Live Is Now Powered by Linux Kernel 5.9, New Release Brings Major Changes

Clonezilla Live Linux 5.9

Clonezilla Live developer Steven Shiau announced today the general availability of a new release of his live Linux distribution that includes major enhancements and bug fixes, including the Linux 5.9 kernel.

Based on the Debian Sid repository as of November 2nd, 2020, Clonezilla Live 2.7.0-10 is the first release of this live system for disk cloning/imaging and partitioning tasks to ship with the latest Linux 5.9 kernel series by default. Linux kernel 5.9.1 is included in this release, which usually translates in Clonezilla Live being able to run on more, newer hardware.

Major enhancements include new tools like blktool, gpart, safecopy, scsitools, and uuid-runtime, new options like --no-restore-mbr, --restore-raw-mbr, and --no-restore-ebr, support for loop devices, the implementation of a --rsyncable parameter for Zstd (ZStandard) saving, Zstd support for network cloning to compress the data, support for ocs-live-dev to create recovery zip files larger than 2 GB in size, and support for the Korean language.

Clonezilla Live 2.7.0-10 also introduces a new -rvd option to the ocs-onthefly tool to allow users to choose to remove the dirty flag in an NTFS volume in source NTFS file system before cloning it. Moreover, the ocs-onthefly tool can now use the -np|--net-pipe PROGRAM rather than -u|--use-netcat, which makes it easier to switch and supports the expert mode, and no longer allows disks without partitions as the source. 

Other changes include updated ocs-expand-gpt-pt and ocs-expand-mbr-pt tools with a new prompt for the -icds option to notify the user when Clonezilla Live fails to create the partition table on a smaller disk, an updated live-boot package with a new mechanism for netbooting via iPXE with static IP address instead of DHCP, as well as the replacement of ocs-sr’s -f|--from-part-in-img option to -f|--from-part.

This release removes “-T${cpu_no}” in extra_zstdmt_opt since zstdmt is equivalent to zstd -T0, removes PARTCLONE_RESTORE_ONTHEFLY_OPT_INIT from drbl-ocs.conf and adds ONTHEFLY_NET_PIPE=”nuttcp” NC_PORT_DEFAULT=”9000″ PARTCLONE_LOG=”/var/log/partclone.log”, removes the useless prompt from ocs-update-initrd, and also implements a better mechanism for running ocs-onthefly.

“Now ocs-onthefly mainly uses ocs-sr to save the pseudo image, and let partclone do the device to device clone. This is similar to that of Clonezilla lite server. Due to this improvement, some major changes for ocs-othefly in order to sync with that of ocs-sr,” said Steven Shiau.

You can download Clonezilla Live 2.7.0-10 for 64-bit or 32-bit systems right now using the direct download links below if you need a powerful and independent tool for disk cloning/imaging and partitioning without having to install anything on your personal computer.

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