Collabora Online 4.2 Arrives with a Fresh Look and New Features

Collabora Online 4.2

Collabora Productivity, the force behind putting LibreOffice in the Cloud, announced today the availability of Collabora Online 4.2, a new major release of their LibreOffice Online office suite.

Built on top of the long-term supported Collabora Office 6.2 office suite, Collabora Online 4.2 is here to introduce a fresh new look, giving users easy access to the most powerful features and tools. A new them and redesigned icons provides existing users with a fresher LibreOffice Online experience.

On top of the new user interface improvements, Collabora Online 4.2 brings new functionality to the cloud-based office suite, including a powerful new sidebar that makes it easier for users to change text, chart, table, color, and several other settings in their documents. The new sidebar also allow users to quickly access rich chart functions.

Moreover, the status bar has been redesigned, the toolbars were improved, online functions now offer copy and paste support for rich content, and the Calc component received a powerful function wizards, improved zooming, and formatting dialogues.

“If you work on formulae, especially more complex formulae with many parameters, the function wizard in Calc is extremely helpful. It makes handling complex formulae as simple as possible by offering access to all elements of the structure and showing detailed explanation for the different arguments,” said Collabora Productivity.

On the other hand, the Writer component received better support for editing tables inside text documents, support for ToCs (Table of Contents), as well as various other small optimizations. Furthermore, Impress got support for transitions and slide layouts, and master page editing support.

Support for Microsoft Office documents continues to receive improvements in LibreOffice, and Collabora Online now supports smart art, special headers and sections in text documents, pivot tables, gradients and math content in Powerpoint documents, as well as rotated tables and left-right text in tables.

Among other changes, Collabora Online 4.2 improves collaborative editing with clear links in text documents, enhances the online color picker, and makes handling of images easier and more precise. For more details and to see the new features in action, check out the online demo.

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