Collabora Online Development Edition 6.4 Office Suite Gets a Fresh Look, Many Improvements

Collabora Online 6.4

Collabora Productivity released today version 6.4 of their Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) open-source office suite based on LibreOffice Online.

Coming three months after version 4.2, CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition) 6.4 is a major release that adds many great features, including a new, modern look with the NotebookBar, which not only saves sp`ace, but it also makes the interface easier to use and intuitive, especially for those familiar with the MS Office suite.

The NotebookBar is set as default in this release and looks great with all core components, including Writer, Calc, and Impress. However, if users want to switch back to the classic interface, which won’t go away anytime soon, they can do that very easily by selecting ‘classic’ for the user_interface key in the loolwsd.xml file.

“The new NotebookBar adapts to the users needs. With each type of document all available features are nicely sorted into clear tabs,” said Collabora Productivity.

Taking about the MS Office suite, Collabora Online Development Edition 6.4 brings greater interoperability with the Microsoft’s OOXML and PPTX file formats for used for charts, presentations, and smart art. These improvements allow for use of semi-transparent text, importing of SmartArt, as well as preserving of color gradients in slide background.

Furthermore, the new CODE office suite release comes with a new spreadsheet rendering feature that supports freezing of rows and columns, while also making the rows and columns visible on top and the left side when users scrolls or moves down in the spreadsheet.

Last but not least, this release enables greater support for PDF documents by allowing users to collaborate with annotations, which can be inserted with a simple click on the Insert > Comment menu.

As its name suggests, CODE (Collabora Online Development Edition) is the development version of the commercial Collabora Online office suite. CODE is an open source project that can be downloaded and installed by anyone for free. You can get Collabora Online Development Edition version 6.4 right now from here.

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