Collabora’s Wayland Driver for Wine Gets Vulkan and Multi-Monitor Support

Wayland Driver Wine Vulkan

Collabora shared today with 9to5Linux their latest work on the experimental Wayland driver for Wine, which now supports Vulkan to further improve support for Windows games and apps on Linux systems.

Earlier this year in February, I talked about Collabora’s latest work on the Wayland driver for Wine, which is considered an alternative to XWayland for running Windows applications and games via the Wine compatibility layer on GNU/Linux distributions that use the Wayland display system.

Collabora worked hard these past few months to further improve its Wayland driver for Wine and managed to add a few exciting new features, including support for the Vulkan graphics API, support for multi-monitor configurations, cursor clipping and relative movement, as well as HiDPI and Wayland keymap handling.

Collabora engineer Alexandros Frantzis explains in detail the new features, saying that Vulkan support comes with window management handling, such as resizing or full-screen, and it can be used directly with or to implement Direct3D through either WineD3D or DXVK.

Moreover, the multi-monitor support supports dynamic addition and removal of monitors, as well as the ability to change the application-perceived resolution of each monitor through compositor scaling. He also said that the cursor clipping and relative mouse movement feature is important for FPS games.

“The driver utilizes heuristics to best map related application requests to the corresponding Wayland functionality,” said Alexandros Frantzis.

If you want to see the new features of the Wayland driver for Wine in action, I recommend watching the video below. Undoubtedly, Collabora did an amazing job this time with their Wayland driver for Wine, I just hope Wayland becomes a first-class citizen among GNU/Linux distributions.

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