Darktable 4.2.1 Brings Support for New Cameras, Better Support for Fujifilm’s RAF

This release also introduces a new way to identify JPEG images by using magic bytes instead of file extension.
Darktable 4.2.1

Darktable 4.2.1 was released today as the first point release to the darktable 4.2 open-source, cross-platform, and free RAW image editor bringing support for new cameras and various improvements.

In darktable 4.2.1, the devs implemented a new way to identify JPEG images by using magic bytes instead of file extensions so that they won’t end up in files with unexpected extensions, a collapsible section to the sigmoid module so that unused controls in standard processing scenarios are hidden by default, and the ability to assign shortcuts to the “quick access” style and preset menus.

This release also brings some minor updates to image overlays in the culling view so that they are less intrusive, properly honors the “hide histogram” setting when restarting the app, and ensures that wide pop-ups are correctly displayed on the same monitor as the associated widget.

Fujifilm camera owners will be happy to learn that darktable 4.2.1 introduces a massive decompressor refactoring for Fujifilm’s RAF RAW file format leading to up to 25 percent less wall time, a fix for 16-bit sensor black/white levels in Fuji GFX100 and Fuji GFX100S cameras, better decoding of compressed and very large RAF files, as well as new noise profiles for the Fujifilm GFX100S, Fujifilm X-H2, and Fujifilm X-H2S cameras.

New noise profiles were also added for the OM System OM-1, Sony Alpha 7S III (ILCE-7SM3), Canon EOS 250D, Canon EOS Kiss X10, Canon EOS Rebel SL3, Canon EOS 200D Mark II, and Canon EOS R7 cameras.

Base support for the Canon EOS Kiss X10, Canon EOS Kiss X10i, Leica M9 (DNG), Nikon Z 30 (12bit-compressed and 14bit-compressed), OM System OM-1, OM System OM-5, Panasonic DC-G95D (4:3), Panasonic DC-G99D (4:3), and Ricoh GR IIIx (DNG) cameras has been added as well in darktable 4.2.1.

Of course, several issues were addressed in this update to make darktable more stable and reliable when editing your favorite RAW images. You can check out the release notes for more details and download darktable 4.2.1 from the official website for GNU/Linux, macOS, or Windows systems.

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