Debian-Based Clonezilla Live 3.0.1 Disk Imaging/Cloning Tool Released with Linux 5.18

Clonezilla Live 3.0.1

Steven Shiau announced today the release and general availability of Clonezilla Live 3.0.1 as the latest stable version of this Debian-based live system for disk imaging/cloning tasks based on the powerful Clonezilla software.

Synced with the Debian Sid repository as of June 12th, 2022, the Clonezilla Live 3.0.1 release is the first minor update to the Clonezilla Live 3.0 series launched at the end of May 2022 with APFS and LUKS support, as well as numerous other improvements.

Clonezilla Live 3.0.1 is powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.18.5 kernel to provide users with better hardware support, and introduces several new packages to the live system, including dfc for reporting file system space usage information, duf disk usage/free utility, duff duplicate file finder, and ngrep network package analyzer.

Also new in this release are several more options that can be parsed in boot parameters, including extra_pbzip2_opt, extra_lbzip2_opt, extra_plzip_opt, extra_lz4mt_opt, and extra_xz_opt.

On top of that, the live-boot was updated to 1:20220505.drbl1 and jfbterm 0.4.7-49.drbl2, the latter being synced with the version number from Fedora Linux, more wired NIC device name types are now supported in ocs-live-netcfg, and zstd’s --rsyncable option has been disabled due to bad performance.

A couple of bugs from version 3.0 were addressed as well, such as the buggy /usr/share/terminfo/j/jfbterm from ncurses-term and sudo pawning pseudo-terminal when running a job, making ocs-live-run-menu run twice and ruining the console. For more details, check out the release notes.

You can download Clonezilla Live 3.0.1 right now for 64-bit (amd64), 32-bit (i686), and 32-bit PAE systems using either the direct download links below or from the official website, where you can learn how to get started with this powerful tool for disk imaging, cloning, backup, restoring, etc. tasks you might need to perform on your computers.

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