Deepin 20.4 Released with Updated Kernels, Installer Improvements, and More

Deepin 20.4

The developers behind the Debian-based Deepin Linux distribution announced today the release and general availability of Deepin 20.4 as the fourth maintenance update to the latest Deepin 20 series.

Deepin 20.4 is here almost two months after Deepin 20.3 and brings updated kernels and various other improvements, as well as bug and security fixes.

The distribution now ships with both Linux 5.10.83 LTS and Linux 5.15.6 LTS kernels, but the former is used by default for new installations, though you can easily select the latter from the advanced options of the boot menu.

Deepin 20.4 also comes with an updated installer, which now features an optimized logic for creating partitions so that you won’t have to create an EFI partition if there is an existing one on the target drive. In addition, the installer now automatically mounts swap partitions and comes with an updated Privacy Policy.

Another interesting change in this release is implemented in the System Monitor tool, which gained a new monitoring plugin for detecting the CPU and RAM usage comprehensively while allowing users to set the threshold percentage if they want to be notified when this is reached.

Deepin’s Grand Search feature introduced in a previous release has been improved as well to allow users to enable or disable it from the Dock settings, as well as to allow you to access the paths of files and folders in search results directly by pressing the Ctrl key or by clicking on them.

Among other noteworthy changes, Deepin 20.4 updates the File Manager to show third-party apps on the Computer page, adds a new default wallpaper, adds new keyboard shortcuts for extracting text from images and taking scrolling screenshots, adds low battery warnings during system updates, adds fingerprint authentication in Control Center, and updates the Browser to Chromium 93.

The Camera, Music, Album, Disk Utility, Text Editor, and Draw apps have been updated as well in this release, which you can download right now from the release announcement page, where you’ll also find more details about all the changes included in Deepin 20.4.

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