Deepin 20.5 Released with Face Unlock Feature, Screenshot Pinning, and More

Deepin 20.5

The Deepin Linux devs have released today Deepin 20.5 as the latest stable release of this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution from China that brings one of the most beautiful and modern desktops, Deepin Desktop Environment.

Deepin 20.5 is here a little over two months after Deepin 20.4 and introduces a ground-breaking new feature that no other GNU/Linux distribution currently offers, facial recognition to unlock your computer, as well as to authenticate in various apps that require sudo authentication.

“Face recognition, one of the biometric authentication methods, is supported on adapted devices. After enrolling your face in Control Center, next time on the lock screen and the login interface, you can log in to Deepin with your face ID,” said the devs.

Another interesting feature in the Deepin 20.5 release is the ability to pin screenshots to the desktop, which will remain sticky on top of windows. Pinned screenshots can be moved anywhere on the screen, and the devs said that this is a productivity feature for those who need it.

Several built-in apps have been updated to newer versions in this release with new features and many improvements. For example, the Mail app now supports custom folder management and automatic mail receiving after network reconnection, the App Store now supports touchscreen devices, and the Movie app now supports even more audio and video file formats.

Among other noteworthy changes, Deepin now lets you set multiple IPs for a single wired network adapter, use file types and extensions as keywords in the Global Search feature, reorder playlists in the Music app by dragging and dropping songs in them, as well as to enable or disable devices or install local drivers in the .deb format in the Device Manager.

Of course, there are also numerous other improvements and countless bug fixes across the entire Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and the default app selection, so make sure that you check out the release notes for additional details.

You can download Deepin 20.5 right now from the official website or by clicking on the direct download link below. Of course, existing Deepin 20.4 users don’t need to download the new ISO release to enjoy the new features and improvements, but only to make sure their installations are up to date.

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