Deepin 20.9 Released with Updated Apps and Lots of Bug Fixes

Includes updated drawing board, file manager, log viewer, photo album, and package manager.
Deepin 20.9

While work continues in the background for the next major release, Deepin 23, the developers of this Chinese distribution released today Deepin 20.9 as another maintenance update in the 20.x series that comes with up-to-date components and lots of bug fixes.

Deepin 20.9 is a modest ISO release for those who want to deploy the Debian-based distro on new computers without having to download hundreds of updates from the repositories after the installations, albeit existing Deepin 20.8 users don’t need to download it in order to keep their installations up to date.

The new ISO image includes an updated file manager that no longer crashes when renaming files and no longer displays an error when opening the custom screen saver settings.

The Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) has been updated as well to improve the opening times of the Welcome pop-up when switching to a new session after creating a new user and restarting the system, improve connecting of 4K screens and setting of 2.75 fractional scaling, and improves the login interface network.

Multiple other bugs and issues were addressed in Deepin 20.9 to improve the Deepin Desktop Environment’s network panel refresh button, authentication interface, WPS file access, as well as application preview images and application name display styles.

This release also includes general bug fixes to improve the overall stability and security of the system. Bugs were addressed to improve the Bluetooth module, Deepin Store, the password login interface, the split screen divider, the Alt+Tab shortcut, and other system components.

The devs also noted the fact that Deepin 20.9 includes an updated version of the Qt open-source GUI toolkit to version 5.15.8 LTS. For more details, check out the release announcement page, from where you can also download the Deepin 20.9 installation image if you want to install it on your personal computer.

Image credits: Deepin

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