Deepin 20 Officially Released with New Look and Feel, Dual-Kernel Installation

Deepin 20

After many months in development, the Deepin 20 Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution is now finally available for download to provide the community with an elegant, user-friendly, and stable desktop operating system.

Built on top of the latest Debian GNU/Linux 10.5 “Buster” release, Deepin 20 introduces a fresh new look for a more user-friendly Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

Almost every little aspect of the interfaces was refreshed, including but not limited to the icons, animation effects, multitask view, as well as windows and dialogs, which now have unique rounded corners.

The Deepin Desktop Environment now supports both light and dark themes, and comes with all the settings you need to fully customize it, including color temperature settings, transparency adjustment, as well as power and battery settings.

On top of that, Deepin 20 brings a personalized notification system capable of displaying notifications on the lock screen or notification center, show message previews, or let users customize how notifications are displayed so they won’t miss important messages while working.

Fingerprint support has been improved as well in this release and it should now be compatible with more fingerprint readers while offering users more accurate unlocks, logins, and administrator access.

Probably the coolest new feature in Deepin 20 is the dual-kernel installation, which lets users install the operating system with either the long-term supported Linux 5.4 LTS kernel or the newer Linux kernel 5.7 series, which, unfortunately, reached end of life last month.

The new dual-kernel installation is very straightforward. By default, Deepin 20 boots with Linux kernel 5.4 LTS, which is the recommended choice for most users since it will be supported until year 2025, but if you need a newer kernel, you can go into Advanced options in the boot menu and install Deepin 20 with Linux kernel 5.7.

I think all GNU/Linux distributions should implement this feature and let users choose the best kernel for their computers, even after installation. Sticking with a kernel version for months, even if it gets regular updates, it’s so 10 years ago.

Talking about the installation, Deepin 20 also improves the system installer with two partitioning methods, full disk encryption, automatic detection of Nvidia graphics cards to provide users with the appropriate proprietary Nvidia display driver, and a new design that makes the entire installation process easier.

Last but not least, the application management was made more convenient through application filtering and one-click updates. Of course, there are numerous other smaller improvements and bug fixes, so make sure you check out the full release notes for more details.

Image: Deepin

Last updated 3 years ago

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