Devuan-Based PeppermintOS November 2022 Release Brings New and Updated Tools

PeppermintOS November 2022

The development team behind the PeppermintOS GNU/Linux distribution released today new ISO images for its Devuan-based edition for November 2022 that bring various updates and enhancements.

Probably the biggest news in this new PeppermintOS update are the redesigned Welcome screen and Peppermint Hub in-house-built apps. There’s no word from the devs about what exactly was changed, but I took this release for a spin to check out the changes and report them back to you.

The Welcome screen, which is the first thing you see when running the distribution, now features two sections. On the left side, you get the same items that have already been present in the previous design, while on the right side you have access to the various social media accounts of the distribution.

On the other hand, Peppermint Hub’s new design drops the old tabbed look in favor of a single screen where you have access to both system settings and various handy tools that you may need to install at a glance. Check them both in action in the screenshots below.

The PeppermintOS November 2022 update also introduces a new thing called Peppermint Scope, which is a near real-time build log viewer designed to allow transparency into the updates made to your PeppermintOS installations. The build logs are hosted on the project’s SourceForge page and can be accessed from the Welcome screen.

Also new is a tool called TKK Creator, which you can access from the redesigned Peppermint Hub if you fancy tinkering with Tkinter themes. Talking about themes, the new PeppermintOS ISOs feature a new GRUB theme, a new bootstrap theme for Suggested Packages, and an updated Plymouth boot splash theme.

Among other changes, the PeppermintOS November 2022 update fixes various UEFI boot issues you may have encountered with previous releases, adds various tweaks to xDaily to be more informative, adds the nala wrapper for the apt package manager, removes ICE, and updates the hBlock utility.

If you fancy running PeppermintOS without the systemd init system, you can download the new Devuan-based ISO images right now from the official website or by using the direct download links below for both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware architectures.

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