digiKam 7.3 Open-Source Photo Management App Released with ExifTool Support, More

digiKam 7.3

digiKam 7.3 has been officially released today as the latest and greatest version of this open-source professional photo management app for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Coming about three months after digiKam 7.2, the digiKam 7.3 release is here to introduces official support for the famous ExifTool utility for handling file metadata instead of Exiv2. digiKam now features an ExifTool metadata viewer in the metadata sidebar, which can be accessed from everywhere within the app.

“The view works exactly as the Exiv2 version, including the metadata entries filter. ExifTool supports a largest list of file formats than Exiv2,” said the devs.

Another new feature in this release is the addition of a new tool that can be used to export your photos to the iNaturalist social network service for biologists, citizen scientists, and naturalists.

digiKam 7.3 also features an updated DNG converter to better support modern features in original RAW files and Digital Negative (DNG) targets, adds better support of FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) astro-photo and JPEG-based MPO (Multi-Picture Format) formats, and improves the slideshow and presentation tools.

Improvements were brought to the finding of duplicates functionality to take advantage of the multi-core capabilities of the hardware to speed up database search. In addition, this release adds support for extra image formats like HEIC and WEBP, as well as numerous bug fixes.

For a detailed changelog, please visit the release announcement page. Meanwhile, you can download digiKam 7.3 right now as an AppImage that can be used in virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything from here.

Image credits: digiKam

Last updated 3 years ago

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