Dual Shock 4 Controller Battery Percentage GNOME Shell Extension Now Supports GNOME 40

Dual Shock 4 Battery

Good news for avid Linux gamers! The Dual Shock 4 Controller battery percentage GNOME Shell extension is now supported on the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment.

If you like to play games a lot, you probably already own a controller. For the GNOME desktop environment, someone developed an extension that shows you the controller’s battery remaining power percentage on the top panel, near the system tray area.

The extension supports Sony Dual Shock 4 and Dual Shock 3 controllers, works with multiple controllers at the same time, and shows controller color too. Gamers will find it very useful if they want to see how much battery power is left in the controller, so they can charge it when needed.

With the major design changes implemented by the GNOME devs in the latest GNOME 40 desktop environment, the Dual Shock 4 battery percentage extension failed to work, like many other extensions.

But now that the GNOME Project published an official guide on how to port your GNOME Shell extensions to GNOME 40, more and more extensions are being ported and supported on the latest version of the widely used desktop environment for GNU/Linux systems.

Dual Shock 4 battery percentage extension developer Yury (thankjura) was quick to port his extension to GNOME 40, so now you can install it if you want to see your controller’s battery remaining power on the top panel.

The extension is available on the GNOME Shell Extensions website, and it can be installed with a single mouse click if you’re using the Mozilla Firefox web browser and have the GNOME Shell Integration add-on installed.

Happy gaming!

Last updated 3 years ago

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