Educational Distro Escuelas Linux 6.13 Introduces OBS Studio and Kolibri

Escuelas Linux 6.12

The Escuelas Linux team informs 9to5Linux today about the general availability of Escuelas Linux 6.13, a new version of their educational-oriented GNU/Linux distribution derived from Bodhi Linux.

Escuelas Linux is an educational distro designed for the use in educational institutions from preschools to high schools. The latest version, Escuelas Linux 6.13, is here two months after Escuelas Linux 6.12 to introduce two new apps that are now pre-installed in the installation image.

These are the famous OBS Studio video recording and live streaming software, which is ideal for teachers and students to share their knowledge, as well as Kolibri, an adaptable product ecosystem for offline-first, high-quality teaching and learning, and it’s ideal for places where there’s no Internet connection.

The Escuelas Linux 6.13 release also features up to date apps, starting with the latest Mozilla Firefox 87 and Google Chrome 90 web browsers, and continuing with the LibreOffice 7.1.2 office suite, Blender 2.92 3D modeling software, GCompris 1.1 educational software suite, and GeoGebra 5.0.634 math app.

Also included in the new release are eXe Learning 2.5.1 tool to create educational interactive web content, Inkscape 1.0.2 SVG editor, Krita 4.4.2 digital painting app, Leafpad text editor, OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 6.2 office suite, wxMaxima 21.01.0-27 computer algebra system, as well as Veyon 4.5.4 computer monitoring and classroom management app.

As part of the Escuelas Linux 6.13 release, the team also updated their famous Developer Pack, which adds an extra layer of app targeted towards developers. The Android Studio 4.1.3 and Eclipse IDE 2021-03 integrated development environments are among the most notable apps included in the Developer Pack 2.5 release.

Various bugs were fixed as well to address an issue when updating the Telegram Desktop app, ensure tap-to-click touchpad actions are registered on some laptops, make the Open/Save dialog boxes suitable for small displays, and force the esudo dialog box use the default theme.

Escuelas Linux 6.13 uses the 20210326 snapshot of the Moksha desktop environment developed in collaboration with Bodhi Linux. You can download the live and installation images in English or Spanish languages right now using the direct download link below.

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