Educational Distro Escuelas Linux 8.2 Released with Linux Kernel 6.2

This release comes with some of the latest application releases and some bug fixes.
Escuelas Linux 8.2

The developers of Escuelas Linux inform 9to5Linux today about the general availability of Escuelas Linux 8.2, a new release of this educational-oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on Bodhi Linux and Debian GNU/Linux, and featuring the Enlightenment-based Moksha desktop environment.

Powered by Linux kernel 6.2 for the 64-bit edition, which is patched and packed by System76, and Linux kernel 4.19 LTS for the 32-bit edition, the Escuelas Linux 8.2 release is here with the most recent version of the Bodhi Linux-developed desktop environment to date, Moksha 0.4.0-7, offering a highly polished and beautiful environment for running educational apps.

Talking about apps, Escuelas Linux 8.2 includes many updated software like Audacity 3.3.2, Blender 3.5, GCompris 3.2, Mozilla Firefox 113, LibreOffice 7.5.3, Minetest 5.7, Veyon 4.8, Kdenlive 23.04, Google Chrome 113, IBM Java 8.0, ONLYOFFICE 7.3.3, Wine 8.7, wxMaxima 23.04, and Zotero 6.0.26.

Several fixes are also present in this release, such as a missing library that prevented GIMP from opening, an issue that prevented the Avogadro, Pencil2D, and Kdenlive apps from opening projects from the file manager, an issue that prevented Kdenlive from starting on computers with old CPUs, a crash in the GCompris app, as well as an issue preventing the KTuberling app from starting.

A fix was also included in the 32-bit edition of Escuelas Linux for the GIMP image editor, which didn’t include the GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing (G’MIC) plugin, preventing hundreds of effects from being usable.

Last but not least, Escuelas Linux 8.2 comes with an up-to-date Escuelas Linux Developer Pack that includes the Android Studio Flamingo 2022.2.1 and Eclipse 2023-03 IDE (Integrated Development Environmets).

Escuelas Linux 8.2 is available for download right now using the direct download link below. Due to the huge size of the ISO, you’ll have to download both the .z01 and .zip files from the archive, and then extract only the .zip file using an archive manager that supports split ZIP archives, such as PeaZip.

Packages are also available in the download archive for those who want to upgrade from a previous Escuelas Linux release. As usual, this release is available in both English and Spanish languages.

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