Educational-Oriented Escuelas Linux 6.12 Distro Released with LibreOffice 7.1, New Note-Taking Software

Escuelas Linux 6.12

The developers behind the Escuelas Linux distribution, an Ubuntu-based distro that focuses on educational software, inform 9to5Linux today about the release of version 6.12 in the stable 6.x series.

Escuelas Linux 6.12 comes three months after Escuelas Linux 6.11, but it’s not your usual maintenance update. In fact, the developers promise a fully update system that offers users access to the all the latest and greatest Open Source software and GNU/Linux technologies, and it’s also more stable, reliable, and secure than ever before.

On the downside of fully updating the entire system, the ISO image grew considerably, but the developers managed to keep its size at an acceptable level by removing some of the old, unmaintained and unpopular apps from the installation media. These include Adobe Reader, Avidemux, BlueGriffon, Caph, Choqok, FisicaLab, Google Earth, Hugin, Kino, Kstars, Pidgin, Termograf, and FreeOffice.

“Since our 6.0 version release, most of the supporting libraries were the same in later releases to keep this distribution manageable and working. But now we reboot the distro. It now features the most recent versions in almost all its packages and libraries. Escuelas Linux is now a whole lot safer and updated,” said the developers.

The good news is that Escuelas Linux 6.12 is now a more modern distro featuring up-to-date software, such as the latest LibreOffice 7.1 office suite, Mozilla Firefox 85 web browser, Wine 6.0 for running Windows apps, Geogebra 5.0.625.0-2290 interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, wxMaxima 21.01.0-27 computer algebra system, and Zotero 5.0.95 open-source reference management software.

Also included in this new release is Audacity 2.4.2 audio editor, Mixxx 2.2.4 virtual DJ software, OnlyOffice 6.1 as an alternative office suite to LibreOffice, Telegram Desktop 2.5.8 client, VLC 3.0.11 media player, Chromium 87 and Google Chrome 88 web browsers as alternatives to Mozilla Firefox, Balena Etcher Electron 1.5.115 for writing ISO images to USB drives and memory cards, as well as TeamViewer 15.14.5 remote desktop program.

A new application landed as well in Escuelas Linux 6.12, namely Xournal++, a note-taking software that also supports editing and annotating PDF files. In addition, application developers get an updated Developer Pack to version 2.4, which includes the latest LAMP and Android Studio-related packages they need for software development.

You can download Escuelas Linux 6.12 right now from the official website using the link below. The distro is available in English and Spanish languages, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, as a zip archive split into two files, which you will need to join first into a single zip file and then extract it. More details are available in the release announcement page.

Escuelas Linux 6.12 uses the latest Moksha desktop environment (a fork of the Enlightenment desktop environment) from the Bodhi Linux distribution by default.

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