elementary OS 5.1 “Hera” Has a New ISO Release Based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

elementary OS 5.1.2

The elementary OS team released a new ISO spin for the latest elementary OS 5.1 “Hera” operating system that includes all the recent software updates and security patches, as well as HWE (Hardware Enablement) stack updates from Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

It’s not usual for elementary OS to get incremental builds of its releases, but thanks to a new release process that helps the development team tag and build ISO images much faster, there’s now a new spin of the elementary OS 5.1 “Hera” ISO release, versioned 5.1.2.

elementary OS 5.1.2 is based on the Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system release, which means that it ships with the Linux 5.3 kernel that features support for AMD Navi GPUs, as well as for keyboards and trackpads of 2015 MacBook models, and many other hardware improvements.

But more importantly, the new elementary OS Hera ISO is patched against the recent sudo vulnerability that could allow an attacker to obtain full root privileges.

All of the January updates are included as well in this new ISO image. These bring new versions of Code, Terminal, Files, and Screenshot apps, as well as improvements to the Gala window manager, Session Indicator, and the System Settings panel, especially to Mouse & Touchpad settings.

elementary OS 5.1 “Hera” was released in December 2019 as the latest and greatest elementary OS version, featuring a brand new first-run experience, Flatpak support, updated apps, improved System Settings and Accessibility, as well as new Linux kernel and hardware enablement (HWE) stack from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Users can download the elementary OS 5.1.2 release right now from the official website. However, if you’re already using elementary OS Hera on your personal computer there’s no need to download the new ISO image as you’ll get all the latest updates through AppCenter or by running the commands below in the Terminal app.

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

The new ISO is recommended only to those who want to reinstall or install a fresh, up-to-date copy of the latest elementary OS release, without having to download hundreds of updates after the installation.

Source: elementary OS

Last updated 4 years ago

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