Emmabuntüs Debian Edition Has a New Release Based on Debian 10.3

Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.01

The Emmabuntüs community announced today the release and general availability of a new version of their Emmabuntüs Debian Edition distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Derived from the recent Debian GNU/Linux 10.3 “Buster” operating system release and featuring the latest lightweight Xfce desktop environment, Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 version 1.01 is here brings noticeable improvements, such as significantly reduced ISO size, UEFI Secure Boot mode installation support, and streamlining of embedded software.

Highlights include two new applications, the OpenBoard open-source interactive whiteboard software and Minetest open-source voxel game engine, new open-vm-tools-desktop package to improve virtual machine usage, better handling of light and dark themes, as well as simplified Calamares installation and faster start up times in live mode.

This release also improves screen tearing, adds extra information on post-installation windows, improves windows accessibility, improves the management of Cairo-Dock icons, fixes network share issues with Samba, and improves the launch of the XScreenSaver slideshow.

Additional French soundtracks for Mr-Patate43 are present as well in Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.01, which updates several core components and apps, including the Firefox 68.5.0 ESR web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird 68.5.0 email and news client, HPLIP 3.19.12 and TurboPrint 2.49-1 printer drivers and software, and Multisystem 1.0442 live USB creator.

“We hope that this new version will further facilitate the repackaging work performed by the various associations usingEmmabuntüs, as well as the task of our friends JerryClan from France and Africa. In particular our friends from UbunTeam, BloLab, SenFabLab, Youthlead, Montpellibre who participated in the 4th edition of JerryValentin in February 2020,” reads today’s announcement.

The Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.01 release is available for download right now from the official website, using the link below, for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Existing users can upgrade to this version by running the built-in package manager and installing all available updates. Alternatively, you can run the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command in a terminal emulator.

Last updated 4 years ago

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