EndeavourOS Artemis Nova Released with Linux Kernel 5.19, Vanilla GRUB Experience

EndeavourOS Artemis Nova

EndeavourOS developer Bryan Poerwo released today a new version of this popular Arch Linux-based GNU/Linux distribution of the masses, EndeavourOS Artemis Nova.

EndeavourOS Artemis Nova is here a little over a month after EndeavourOS Artemis Neo, which was just a minor update only addressing a GRUB bootloader issue, and two and a half months after the major EndeavourOS Artemis release that introduced a built-in ARM installer and other big changes.

Compared to the previous Artemis versions, EndeavourOS Artemis Nova is powered by a newer kernel stack based on the upstream Linux 5.19 kernel series. Linux kernel 5.19.7 is included by default in the live/installation image, which, of course, is intended only for new installations as existing users are already up to date.

To provide those who want to give EndeavourOS a try on their personal computers with the best possible experience, the Artemis Nova ships with the latest and greatest Calamares 3.2.61 graphical installer, a vanilla GRUB 2.06 bootloader experience, and an up-to-date graphics stack consisting of Mesa 22.1.7, XOrg Server 21.1.4, and NVIDIA 515.65.01.

The vanilla GRUB bootloader experience means that os-prober is no longer enabled for new installations to detect your existing operating systems and install EndeavourOS alongside them. This means that users will need to manually enable os-prober if they plan on performing a dual-boot installation.

In addition, you will have to take action when installing or removing kernels, or when updating GRUB to a newer version, so do read the notes on the release announcement page if you plan on using the Artemis Nova ISO for new EndeavourOS installations.

“As part of the recent challenges with Grub, it has come to light that running grub-install is required when updating grub. Unfortunately, this is difficult for a distro like EndeavourOS to safely automate. This is because EndeavourOS is a distro where we view our installation as a starting point from which we encourage our users to customize it to meet their individual needs. As a result, we have no control over the configuration of the bootloader on existing systems,” said developer Bryan Poerwo.

With that in mind, you can download EndeavourOS Artemis Nova (22.9) right now from the official website. As expected, existing EndeavourOS users are not affected by these GRUB issues and only need to keep their installations up to date at all times to receive the latest GNU/Linux technologies and updated applications since EndeavourOS follows a rolling-release model where you install once and receive updates forever.

Last updated 2 years ago

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