EndeavourOS Cassini Release Brings Linux Kernel 6.0, Pinebook Pro Support, and New Bootloader Options

The new EndeavourOS release also brings the latest Mesa 22.3 graphics stack and recent updates.
EndeavourOS Cassini

EndeavourOS developer Bryan Poerwo announced today EndeavourOS Cassini as the latest ISO snapshot of this popular Arch Linux-based rolling-release distribution of the masses bringing the latest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.

EndeavourOS Cassini comes a little over three months after EndeavourOS Artemis Nova and brings more freedom and diversity when installing the system by letting you choose between GRUB or systemd-boot as the default bootloader, as well as the ability to install the system without a bootloader.

In addition, Dracut is now used for installing the system and there’s dual-boot support for those installing EndeavourOS alongside Windows if you use either GRUB or systemd-boot as a bootloader. Moreover, GRUB’s submenu feature is now enabled by default and it’s now possible to create a new EFI partition.

“This will enhance the experience to install a system to your liking from step one,” said Bryan Poerwo. “We now also install the system with Dracut, a highly modular tool for generating initramfs images, instead of mkinitcpio by default. In general, it is superior to mkinitcpio in its ability to autodetect needed modules and for most use cases will work without any further configuration.”

The EndeavourOS ARM edition received support for PINE64’s Pinebook Pro ARM laptop, a new linux-eos-arm kernel that includes the AMDGPU driver for more generic ARM device support, as well as better Raspberry Pi and Odroid N2+ support.

As with all new EndeavourOS releases, various packages have been upgraded to their latest release. Worth mentioning here is that EndeavourOS Cassini ships with the latest and greatest Mesa 22.3 graphics stack, as well as the Linux 6.0 kernel series. The Calamares installer has been upgraded as well to a development snapshot of the upcoming major 3.3 release.

Last but not least, the Qogir icon theme is now being used for the Cinnamon and Budgie installations. For GNOME desktop installations, the GNOME Console terminal emulator and GNOME Text Editor apps are used by default instead of GNOME Terminal and Gedit respectively.

EndeavourOS Cassini is available for download right now from the official website or by using the direct download link below. However, this ISO release is intended for new installations of EndeavourOS as existing users need only to update their systems by running the sudo pacman -Syu command.

Last updated 1 year ago

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