EndeavourOS Releases September 2020 ISO with Linux 5.8, Improved Installation

EndeavourOS September ISO

Besides launching the EndeavourOS ARM operating system for ARM devices, the EndeavourOS team also released today the September 2020 ISO, which includes all the latest software updates and some much-needed improvements.

The September 2020 release of EndeavourOS is here for everyone who wants to install this Arch Linux-based distribution for personal computers. EndeavourOS makes installing Arch Linux a breeze for newcomers as it uses the powerful Calamares graphical installer by default.

And this release improves the installer even further by adding new slides to Calamares, updating the Nvidia-installer to support the latest Nvidia driver updates, and implementing a new archiso, the tool used by Arch Linux developers to build Arch Linux live ISO images.

On top of that, the installer has been updated to no longer install the GNOME Software or Plasma Discover package managers by default when installing EndeavourOS with either the GNOME, Budgie or KDE Plasma desktop environments because the confusion these app centers created for new users.

“It brought too much confusion with new users thinking it was our software centre,” explains the developer.

While GNOME Software or Plasma Discover aren’t installed by default anymore, those who need them can install either one from the software repositories with a few clicks.

The EndeavourOS Update Notifier has been improved as well in this release. It now has a redesigned scheduler that can be set to hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, better shows updates from Arch Linux’s AUR (Arch User Repository, and no longer displays Arch news by default anymore as it confused new users.

Also improved is the automatic login, especially for the Deepin Desktop, which appears to have been broken in previous releases as users who enabled it were not able to log into the desktop environment anymore.

EndeavourOS’s in-house built Welcome app has some new features too. It adds a new button to let users change the display resolution, another new button to let users select one of the EndeavourOS wallpapers, as well as the ability to set the EndeavourOS desktop specific wallpaper by default.

Moreover, the Welcome app now checks if the Reflector script is installed before retrieving the latest mirror list from Arch Linux’s Mirror Status page, makes it easier for users to browse for packages from the Arch Linux repository page or from AUR, and adds support for the Chinese language.

Among other changes, those installing EndeavourOS with the i3 window manager using the September 2020 ISO release will now enjoy clickable areas for the web browser, file manager and terminal in the panel, support for adding a default email client, improved keybindings hints, and new wallpapers.

Last but not least, EndeavourOS’s September 2020 release ships with the latest and greatest Linux 5.8 kernel, the Mozilla Firefox 80 web browser, as well as all the latest updated packages and security patches from Arch Linux.

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