Ubuntu-Based Escuelas Linux 7.5 Released with Linux Kernel 5.17, Updated Apps

Escuelas Linux 7.5

The developers behind Escuelas Linux have released today Escuelas Linux 7.5 as the latest stable update to this educational-oriented GNU/Linux distribution derived from Ubuntu/Bodhi Linux and featuring the Enlightenment-based Moksha desktop environment.

Escuelas Linux 7.5 is here about four months after Escuelas Linux 7.3 based on the Linux 5.17 kernel series patched and distributed by Linux hardware vendor System76 for their Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS Linux distribution, which means that more devices, and built around the Moksha 0.3.4 desktop environment.

Some of the apps included in Escuelas Linux 7.5 are Blender 3.1.2, Balena Etcher 1.7.9, Mozilla Firefox 100, Chromium 101, Google Chrome 102, digiKam 7.6, GCompris 2.4, Inkscape 1.2, Kdenlive 22.04.1, LibreOffice 7.3.3, ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 7.1, OBS Studio 27.2.4, Veyon 4.7.3, VLC 3.0.17, Wine 7.9, and Zoom 5.10.4.

This release also fixes several issues from previous releases, such as a crash with OBS Studio, the ability to play MIDI, AAC, and AC3 files, an infinite loop when using a Wine app from Escuelas Linux 7.4 or 6.18, a bug with the “Configure printers” app, which was unresponsive when selecting another driver for an already configured printer, as well as an issue with the “RestoreUser” app that did not properly reset the Wine configuration to default.

Along with this release, there’s an update to the Developer Pack, which now ships with Android Studio Chipmunk, Apache NetBeans 13, and Eclipse IDE 2022-03 integrated development environments for those who want to develop apps using Escuelas Linux.

Escuelas Linux 7.5 is available for download right now from the official download server as ISO images for English and Spanish languages. Please note that the ISO image is packed as a ZIP archive split into two parts, so you’ll have to download both the .zip and the .z01 files to be able to extract the ISO image using an archive manager that supports split ZIP files, such as PeaZip.

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