Fedora Linux 34 Is Now Powered by Linux Kernel 5.12

Fedora Linux 34 Kernel

Just a few days after Linux kernel 5.11 reached end of life, the Fedora Project upgraded today the Linux kernel packages for its latest Fedora Linux 34 release to Linux kernel 5.12.

Users of the Fedora Linux 34 operating system rejoice! The latest and greatest Linux 5.12 kernel series has landed in the stable software repositories of the distribution, and you can now update your installations to replace the now deprecated Linux 5.11 kernel.

Fedora Linux 34 was officially released on April 27th, 2021, and it shipped with the Linux kernel 5.11 by default. Since then, users received regular updates almost every week, but now that Linux kernel 5.11 reached end of life, it’s time to say goodbye and upgrade to Linux kernel 5.12.

Linux kernel 5.12 was released on April 25th, 2021, and it brings many new features and improvements to make you upgrade, such as better support for Lenovo IdeaPad machines to enable keyboard backlight control, always-on USB charging control, and other goodies.

It also brings support for PlayStation 5 DualSense and Nintendo 64 game controllers, high compression LZ4 mode support for the F2FS file system, support for the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet Gen 2, better support for Microsoft Surface devices, initial support for zoned block devices for the Btrfs file system, eMMC inline encryption support, and a new dynamic thermal power management mechanism.

But Linux kernel 5.12 brings many other great new features, especially for AMD users, so make sure you upgrade your Fedora Linux 34 installations as soon as possible to the Linux 5.12 kernel series. To do that, you can either use your favorite graphical package manager (GNOME Software, Plasma Discover, etc.) or the command-line by running the following command.

sudo dnf update --refresh

Of course, after installing the new kernel version (Linux 5.12.5), you should reboot your computer. The latest upstream version of the Linux 5.12 kernel series is 5.12.6 at the moment of writing, released on May 22nd, 2021, so you should expect this update to arrive soon in Fedora Linux 34’s repos, so make sure you always keep your installations up to date.

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