Fedora Linux 35 Beta Released for Public Testing with the GNOME 41 Desktop, Linux Kernel 5.14

Fedora Linux 35 Beta

The Fedora Project announced today the release and general availability of the beta version of the upcoming Fedora Linux 35 operating system for public testing.

Fedora Linux 35 is the next major version of the popular GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat and it’s now available for public beta testing one month ahead of the planned release on October 26th, 2021.

As expected, Fedora Linux 35 will pack all the latest and greatest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software. The beta version ships with the RC (Release Candidate) development version of the latest GNOME 41 desktop environment series, which brings some cool new features and improvements for the Fedora Workstation edition.

Of course, the KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXQt, and other Fedora Linux Spins have been updated to offer users the latest and greatest versions of their desktop environments, including KDE Plasma 5.22.

Following on the footsteps of Fedora Silverblue, this release introduces Fedora Kinoite, a special edition of Fedora Linux featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment and based on the rpm-ostree technology. Fedora Kinoite promises atomic updates and a next-gen operating system for increased reliability.

The beta release also comes with WirePlumber, a modular session and policy manager for PipeWire by default. “WirePlumber enables customization of rules for routing streams to and from devices,” said Fedora Project project leader Matthew Miller.

Also new in Fedora 35 is a so-called “Third-Party Software Repositories” update mechanism that immediately enables repositories, the ability to restart user services as part of the rpm upgrade, LTO build improvements, support for enabling and disabling SSSD’s fast cache for local users at runtime, better support for Flathub apps, and DNS over TLS (DoT) support.

Under the hood, Fedora Linux 35 Beta is powered by the latest Linux 5.14 kernel series and ships with RPM 4.17, GCC 11, GNU C Library 2.34, GNU Binutils 2.37, Boost 1.76, GDB 10.2, LLVM 13, Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, PHP 8.0, Firewalld 1.0.0, Node.JS 16.x, IBus 1.5.25, and of the latest GNU/Linux and Open Source technologies.

You can download Fedora Linux 35 Beta right now from the release announcement page for 64-bit and ARM devices. However, please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version of Fedora Linux 35, so don’t install it on a production machine, nor use it for any production work.

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