Fedora Linux 35 Released with GNOME 41, Fedora Kinoite Flavor, and WirePlumber

Fedora Linux 35

The Fedora Project released today Fedora Linux 35 as the latest version of their general-purpose RPM-based GNU/Linux distribution featuring some of the latest technologies and Open Source software.

After six months of hard work, Fedora Linux 35 is here with the latest and greatest GNOME 41 desktop environment for the Fedora Workstation edition. GNOME 41 brings some cool new features, such as a redesigned GNOME Software package manager that gives you instant access to Flatpak apps from the Flathub repository, a new GNOME Connections app for remote desktop access, and new settings for multitasking.

Linux laptop users will be happy to learn that Fedora 35 Workstation comes with the power-profiles-daemon to allow them to choose between optimizing their system for performance or to save battery life. This is also a new feature of the GNOME 41 desktop environment, which also introduces a new Mobile Network settings panel for easier configuration of mobile connections on supported devices.

Other new features of the Fedora Linux 35 release include Collabora’s WirePlumber as the default session manager for PipeWire, which lets you create custom rules for routing streams to and from devices, yescrypt as default hashing method for storing passwords in /etc/shadow, the addition of “Fedora Linux” in /etc/os-release to differentiate between the project and the distribution, and Btrfs as the default file system for Fedora Cloud.

Furthermore, this release makes SSSD fast cache more flexible for local users by allowing you to turn it on and off at runtime, adds the ability to restart user services after an rpm upgrade, automatically detects optimal encryption sector size during Fedora Linux installation with LUKS/dm-crypt encryption, and introduces Fedora Kinoite as an official flavor alongside Fedora Silverblue, but based on the KDE Plasma desktop.

Under the hood, Fedora Linux 35 is powered by the Linux 5.14 kernel series and uses the Mesa 21.2 graphics stack series. It also comes with an updated toolchain that includes GCC 11, GNU C Library 2.34, GNU Binutils 2.36, GDB 10.2, GHC 8.10, LLVM 13, Python 3.10, Perl 5.34, PHP 8.0, Boost 1.76, firewalld 1.0.0, IBus 1.5.25, Node.js 16, RPM 4.17, Erlang 24, Sphinx 4, SDL 2.0, fwupd 1.7, and much more.

Fedora Linux 35 has day one updates, lots of them, so make sure that you update your new installations as soon as possible. The other Fedora Linux flavors have been updated as well and come with the same under-the-hood technologies mentioned above, as well as some of the latest versions of their default desktop environments, such as KDE Plasma 5.22.5, Xfce 4.16, LXQt 0.17, and others.

You can download Fedora Linux 35 right now from the official website or upgrade your Fedora Linux 34 installations via the GNOME Software package manager.

Last updated 2 years ago

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