FFmpeg 4.3 Released with Vulkan Support, AMD AMF Encoder, and AviSynth+

FFmpeg 4.3

The open-source, free and cross-platform FFmpeg 4.3 multimedia framework has been released as a major update bringing lots of new features and filters.

Surprisingly dubbed “4:3”, the FFmpeg 4.3 release comes with Vulkan support, Intel QSV-accelerated MJPEG and VP9 decoding, support for the AMD AMF encoder on Linux via the Vulkan API, VDPAU VP9 hardware acceleration, TrueHD and MPEG-H 3D audio support for in MP4, and support for Sipro ACELP.KELVIN decoding.

This release also features AV1 encoding support via librav1e, support for the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol (ZMTP), support for muxing PCM and PGS in M2TS, expanded styling support for 3GPP Timed Text Subtitle (movtext), and switches from AvxSynth to AviSynth+ on Linux.

New decoders have been introduced for CDToons video, mvdv, mvha, IMM5 video, Argonaut Games ADPCM, Simon & Schuster Interactive ADPCM, siren audio, Rayman 2 ADPCM, High Voltage Software ADPCM, ADPCM IMA MTF, CRI HCA, DERF DPCM, mv30, PFM, NotchLC, and Cunning Developments ADPCM.

New demuxers are also available for AV1 Annex B, Argonaut Games ASF, Real War KVAG, Rayman 2 APM, FWSE, LEGO Racers ALP (.tun & .pcm), CRI HCA, DERF, and Pro Pinball Series Soundbank. The Real War KVAG and streamhash muxers are included as well.

Numerous new filters are present in FFmpeg 4.3, including v360 filter, scroll video filter, photosensitivity filter, anlms filter, arnndn filter, bilateral filter, maskedmin and maskedmax filters, median filter, AV1 frame merge bitstream filter, axcorrelate filter, histogram filter, and freezeframes filter.

The list continues with xfade video filter, xfade_opencl filter, pad_opencl filter, cas video filter, avgblur_vulkan, overlay_vulkan, scale_vulkan and chromaber_vulkan filters, overlay_cuda filter, tmedian filter, maskedthreshold filter, asubboost filter, pcm_rechunk bitstream filter, scdet filter, gradients source video filter, untile filter, and dblur video filter.

Last but not least, FFmpeg 4.3 features a WebP parser, a MediaFoundation encoder wrapper, support for the AMQP 0-9-1 protocol (RabbitMQ), an Simon & Schuster Interactive ADPCM encoder, as well as sierpinski video source and afirsrc audio filter source.

Under the hood, FFmpeg 4.3 consist of the libavutil 56.51.100, libavcodec 58.91.100, libavformat 58.45.100, libavdevice 58.10.100, libavfilter 7.85.100, libswscale 5.7.100, libswresample 3.7.100, and libpostproc 55.7.100 libraries.

You can download FFmpeg 4.3 right now from the official website. However, I highly recommend that you install this release on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution when it lands in the stable software repositories.

Last updated 4 years ago

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