FFmpeg 6.0 “Von Neumann” Released with Radiance HDR Image Support, New Decoders

This new major release also includes new encoders, demuxers, filters, and command-line options.
FFmpeg 6.0

The FFmpeg project released today FFmpeg 6.0 as the latest and greatest version of this free and open-source multimedia framework for handling audio, video, as well as other multimedia files and streams.

Dubbed “Von Neumann,” FFmpeg 6.0 is here more than a year after FFmpeg 5.0 “Lorentz” and introduces several new features like support for the Radiance HDR (RGBE) image format, VA-API (Video Acceleration API) decoding and encoding for 10bit and 12bit 422/444 HEVC and VP9 streams, as well as a new mode to the cropdetect filter to allow it to detect crop-area based on motion vectors and edges.

FFmpeg 6.0 also introduces support for the WBMP (Wireless Application Protocol Bitmap) image format, NVEC AV1 encoding support, oneVPL support for QSV, and support for the filtergraph syntax in FFmpeg’s command line interface to pass file contents as option values by prefixing the option name with ‘/’.

Several new decoders and encoders are present in this release, such as a Micronas SC-4 audio decoder, APAC decoder, Media 100i decoders, ViewQuest VQC decoder, MediaCodec decoder via NDKMediaCodec, MediaCodec encoder, QSV AV1 encoder, QSV decoding and encoding for 10bit and 12bit 422/444 HEVC and VP9, WADY DPCM decoder, CBD2 DPCM decoder, XMD ADPCM decoder and demuxer, WavArc decoder and demuxer, bonk decoder, RKA decoder.

New demuxers have been added as well, including APAC demuxer, bonk demuxer, LAF demuxer, SDNS demuxer, WADY DPCM demuxer, XMD ADPCM demuxer, WavArc demuxer, and RKA demuxer.

FFmpeg 6.0 also introduces multiple new filters, such as ddagrab (Desktop Duplication) video capture filter, a3dscope filter, backgroundkey filter, showcwt multimedia filter, corr video filter, adrc audio filter, afdelaysrc audio filter, ssim360 video filter, hstack_vaapi, vstack_vaapi, and xstack_vaapi filters, as well as hstack_qsv, vstack_qsv, and xstack_qsv filters.

Among other noteworthy changes, FFmpeg 6.0 deprecates the CrystalHD decoders, requires threading to be built, now runs every muxer in a separate thread, adds Media 100 to the MJPEGB bitstream filter, adds DTS to the PTS reorder bitstream filter, and adds new command-line options including ffmpeg -shortest_buf_duration, ffmpeg -stats_enc_pre[_fmt], ffmpeg -stats_enc_post[_fmt], ffmpeg -stats_mux_pre[_fmt], and ffmpeg -fix_sub_duration_heartbeat.

FFmpeg 6.0 is available for download right now from the official website and includes several updated components like libavutil 58.2.100, libavcodec 60.3.100, libavformat 60.3.100, libavdevice 60.1.100, libavfilter 9.3.100, libswscale 7.1.100, libswresample 4.10.100, and libpostproc 57.1.100.

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