Finnix 122 Linux Distro for Sysadmins Released with Improved Boot Speed, Linux 5.10 LTS

Finnix 122

Ryan Finnie released today Finnix 122 as a new version of his Debian Testing-based live Linux distro for system administrators.

Finnix 122 comes six months after Finnix 121 with a bunch of improvements for the live ISO images, including faster boot times, better compatibility with systems using older BIOSes when booting the distro from a USB flash drive, smaller ISO size, and a redesigned boot splash screen with a prelonged default timeout of 30s.

This release is fully synced with the Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” (Testing) repositories as of February 6th, 2021, and it’s powered by the latest and greatest Linux 5.10 LTS kernel, which automatically translates to better hardware support.

System administrators who know and used Finnix before would be pleased to learn that Finnix 122 now comes with a new getting started command called “finnix”, which will be displayed after the live ISO finishes booting. Typing the command, will give newcomers a starting point to use Finnix.

Finnix 122

On top of all that, sysadmins are also getting a bunch of new tools, including the IOzone 3 file system benchmark utility, rover terminal-based file browser, iw CLI configuration utility for wireless devices, crda wireless central regulatory domain agent, as well as the ftp and ftp-ssl tools to connect to FTP sites.

Also included in this release is the apg tool for generating several random passwords, keyutils set of utilities for accessing the kernel keyrings facility, mscompress for decompressing files compressed by Microsoft’s compress.exe utility, wireless-regdb wireless regulatory database, and a wifi-connect helper script to make it easier to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Last but not least, Finnix 122 now automatically generates the manpage to allow for `man -k`/`apropos`. For more details, you can visit the release announcement page, from where you can also download the ISO image.

The distro can be used directly from a USB stick without installing anything on your computer.

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