Firefox 103 Beta Improves WebGL Performance on Linux for NVIDIA Drivers via DMA-Buf

Firefox 103 Beta

While you are waiting for the Firefox 102 web browser release to land in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distributions, Mozilla already promoted the next release, Firefox 103, to the beta channel for public testing.

Scheduled for July 26th, 2022, the Firefox 103 release promises improved WebGL performance on Linux systems when using the NVIDIA binary drivers via DMA-Buf. The alpha version also featured hardware video decoding by default on Intel/AMD Linux systems when VA-API is available, but it has been disabled in the beta.

Firefox 103 also promises to improve your PDF forms experience by highlighting required fields, improve the performance of the web browser on monitors with 120Hz or higher refresh rates, and preserve non-breaking spaces when copying text from a form control.

Security-wise, Firefox 103 removes the configuration option that allows for SHA-1 signatures in certificates as they are now no longer supported for better security.

Also, there were rumors that Mozilla plans to add another new tracking protection feature called URL Query Parameter Stripping, which strips tracking parameters from web addresses to protect your privacy in ETP strict mode and Private Browsing Mode, but this is disabled by default in the Firefox 103 beta, for now.

For macOS users, Firefox 103 promises to improve responsiveness during periods of high CPU load.

Again, Mozilla plans to release Firefox 103 next month on July 26th, but if you are a bleeding-edge user and you want to give the beta version a try on your personal computer, you can download the latest beta release right now from the official download server.

Since this is a pre-release version, please keep in mind not to install and use it on a production machine!

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